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PG in Chandigarh

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Sai PG  is a Luxury Paying Guest chain based in Chandigarh, Punjab, India. We provide deluxe Service Apartment or Paying Guest (PG Accommodation) or Hostel for Boys and Girls in separate properties in various locations in Chandigarh. SAI Home Stay aimed at providing best of services to students/professionals staying away from home. We have 5 Properties in Chandigarh & family is still growing.

PG in Chandigarh with food

We have one of the finest Hostels/PG Accommodation in Chandigarh. All the properties are New with Modern Aesthetics. In essence we provide Premium Rented Accommodation for working professionals & students.

Our primary mission is to make sure that each person staying at Sai Home Stays can have the comforts of home & services equivalent to a Hotel.

PG In Chandigarh Sector 34

The hostel specifically planned to cater to every requirement of a traveler with its spacious rooms with sharing options, and luxury private suites. The facilities transcend beyond the votive comprehensions of bed and breakfast. The incredibly clean and bright rooms, crystal clear bathrooms, lightning fast free WiFi, easy to do laundry, a 24×7 concierge to pamper you with all your needs, SAI PG and Home Stay stands to reinvent the meaning of hospitality in the field of Hostels and Paying Guest.

The aroma of mouth-watering dishes fill the air. The modern aesthetics with systematic room arrangement creates a wonderful atmosphere for pursuing your goals. SAI PG IN Chandigarh is soon becoming synomyms with perfect hospitality in Chandigarh when it comes of Paying Guest and Hostels.

PG in Chandigarh Sector 22

At SAI Hostel we have students as well as Working Professionals. We maintain very good environment there in terms of cleanliness and quality of people staying there. Each room as independent and hence no disturbance is caused to one by the other. Each guest staying at the hostel/Paying guest is well aware of other persons privacy and needs. We have very nice study environment.

We strictly don’t allow Drinking, smoking. Non-veg in the property and all the properties are closed strictly by 10pm.

We keep Contact of parents and Guardian so that in case of any emergency they can be informed. This all makes Sai PG in Chandigarh the most safe, all encompassing, perfect and best Paying Guest in Chandigarh.

We take special care of our customers’ safety staying with us. We have CCTV surveillance in each of our property.

Presently we have in total 60 exquisite rooms fully loaded with modern amenities and more than 150 students. All rooms are thoughtfully designed to keep your needs and comforts in mind. MA Institute

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