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Top 5 Institutes for Nanny Course in Chandigarh

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Best Institutes for Nanny Course in Chandigarh

Moving to countries abroad as a nanny is becoming increasingly popular, and is an excellent life choice for many people. Countries do offer attractive opportunities for those who plan to live and work in the country using a work visa. Nanny course in Chandigarh is one source via which you can apply for work visa under Caregiver Category and live in your dream country. Attaining a Diploma in Nanny courses in Chandigarh with actual training will make you eligible for a visa application through this route. If you wish to get best nanny training in Chandigarh then here is the list below. Hope it helps!

Best Nanny institutes in Chandigarh

Below is the list of top 5 Institutes for Nanny Course in Chandigarh. Know more about these institutes and get trained from the best one. If you want to acquire nanny training for immigration in Chandigarh purpose then you must choose the best nanny training institute in Chandigarh, to begin with. Attaining a Diploma in Nanny courses in Chandigarh with actual training will make you eligible for a visa application through this route.

Nanny Course in Chandigarh – National Institute Of Nanny Care Chandigarh

Nanny Association, Chandigarh provides career-oriented education established by a decade of experienced trained professionals with a vision to provide quality vocational education and training that enable a diverse student population to achieve its educational goals. Faculties are dedicated to teaching, advising, and training on how to achieve scholarships.

Member of International Nanny Organisation Canada

Address: SCO 54 – 55 4th floor Sector 34 A Chandigarh, 160022

Phone : 8146230239

website Link

nanny course in Chandigarh
nanny course in Chandigarh

Courses at Nanny Institute

  • Home Nursing Training Certification
  • Child Care Training
  • Old Age Nursing Training
  • Disabled Nursing Training

Nanny immigration we provide one of the best nanny coaching in Punjab. It becomes easy to get a work visa after completing a nanny course in the caretaker category. Nanny is someone who completely invests in a child’s development, unlike babysitter who is only there for a child for only a few hours. Career Pathways understands the details of the course and claims to provide the best training in the whole market of nanny training institutes.

Courses at National Nanny Association , Chandigarh

  • Child Care Training
  • Old Care Training

Phone: 7508342255

Nanny Institute Chandigarh – Top Nanny Institute in Chandigarh

Mentors Group claims to be India’s largest and No 1 Live-in care giver training institute, it has trained more than 1500 trainees with the success rate of 98% in last 15 years, students trust the name of CHR because of its continued success and for promised facilities. After getting trained from in Nanny and Caregiver services students get desired jobs in U.S.A, Canada, and UK on the basis of live-in caregiver category.

Courses at Mentors Group, Chandigarh

  • First Aid Traning
  • Pediatric care Training
  • Geriatric care Training
  • Home Management Training
  • Personality Development

Nanny Course in Chandigarh – Career Pathways


People might get confused about nanny and babysitter but they are very different from each other. There are some basic differences they have

  • Nanny’s job is full time while babysitter stays with the child only for a few hours.
  • Nanny is fully responsible for a child’s care and development but babysitter only keeps an eye on the child when child’s parents are not at home.
  • Nanny’s salary is higher than a babysitter because of nanny’s responsibilities.
  • Nanny should be an adult while babysitter might not be adult. This is not necessary for being babysitter.
  • A nanny should have good qualification and experience in taking care of a child for better service but for the job of babysitter one does not need any kind of qualification.


  1. Patience

Patience is perhaps one of the most important skills for nannies. As a nanny, one should be able to handle their mood swings and behaviors without losing their temper or becoming outwardly irritated. This can be particularly hard when working long hours or dealing with difficult children, so it’s crucial you are an inherently patient person.

2. Communication

Another important skill for nannies is strong verbal communication. This means both speaking and listening. You must be able to communicate well with parents to understand the specific needs of their children. You’ll need to assert your authority, but work with them, not against them. It’s important that you don’t speak to the children in a patronizing tone as they won’t be as receptive.

3. First aid

Parents will always be looking for a nanny who can perform CPR and first aid if required. Every nanny should know how to administer first aid to children and infants of all ages, help choking children and deal with injuries like cuts and burns.

4. Household duties

Again, depending on the type of nanny job you acquire, you may be required to do some housework. Even if you aren’t, kids make a lot of mess, so being able to clean up after them and wash their clothes after they spill is a great skill in the eyes of prospective employees.

5. Cooking and nutrition

Knowing how to cook is not a mandatory requirement but having a basic skills can increase your placement chances. Even better would be having some knowledge of health and nutrition

5. Problem solving

Problem solving is all about evaluating options when facing a complicated issue. This may happen quite often while working as a nanny and you will be expected to come up with a solution on your own, without calling

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