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Royal Enfield launches Bullet Trials Works Replica

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Inspired by Royal Enfield’s legacy in the trial championships.

March 26, 2019 Pune: The legends live! And the Royal Enfield Bullet is the best testimony of that. the Bullet’s long journey in the last 87 years, since 1932, has given Royal Enfield the privilege of being the oldest motorcycle brand in the world in continuous production, with the Bullet the longest Running motorbike model in the world. This journey of the bullet has been both iconic and legendary, But perhaps the most¬† mportant story in its history is the legacy of the Royal Enfield bullet in the tests. Championships Inspired by this legacy of Royal Enfield at the International Six Days Trials and as tribute to the prolific Test Assistant, Johnny Brittain, Royal Enfield launches Bullet Trials Works

Reply 2019.
The Bullet Trials will be available in 500cc and 350cc in India, and will have a distinctive design and functional characteristics that will be the memory of the times of the competitions of classic essays of the 1940s and 50 s. The new Bullet Trials will include tires with a block pattern for better off-road grip, and a Reinforced handlebar with transversal  einforcement. The motorcycle also has a high silencer to improve distance to the ground, in addition to being equipped with double-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS). the The bullet tests will have trimmed fenders, a single seat and luggage rack. There will also be a set of Five specific accessories for motorcycles ailable, which have been designed for the Bullet Trials, including a Sump protection for greater motor protection. 


The Bullet Trials 500 will be available in a showroom. price of Rs. 2,07,104 / – and the Bullet Trials 350 will have a price of Rs. 1,62,345 / -.To retain accessibility in all markets, the prices of the Bullet Trials 500 showroom for Kerala have remained Rs. 1,99,899 / – to account for the high taxes and taxes in the state. Bullet tests will now be open for Reservations throughout the country and will also be available to book online at the Bullet Trials will be launched globally in all key markets throughout this year. Speaking at the launch of the Bullet Trials motorcycle, Mark Wells – Global Head, Product Strategy and Industrial Design, Royal Enfield said, “Royal Enfield has had a long and proud history of construction. Motorcycles resistant and durable, the bullet has been the most durable of all. The bullet tests The motorcycle that Johnny Brttain rides is unforgettable and reminds us of the machine’s dexterity Challenging grounds and their pedigree of tests. The Bullet Trials 2019 motorcycle is inspired by Johnny.

Brittain’s test motorcycle that won more than 50 championships between 1948 and 1965 and is also a a fitting homage to our seminal design and engineering experience that introduced the swingarm for the first time Time in 1949 with the bullet. I am sure that this motorcycle will be well received between Royal Enthusiasts of Enfield in India “
The history of trial competitions dates back to the early 1920s, when the motorcycle
the manufacturers used “reliability tests” to demonstrate the handling capacity, the maneuverability and the General resistance, in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. However, when road surfaces improved in the 1920s, rehearsal competitions became “off-road” in dedicated courses, where the challenging terrain provided an exhausting Test for both man and machine.

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