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Royal Enfield Rides 2019

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Royal Enfield Ride 2019

On the last Sunday of April, social media was chirping and erm.. tweeting about Royal Enfield Ride 2019. We watched the digital space with smug satisfaction because we were going to be part of the Royal Enfield chapter of this international event.

Royal Enfield Rides 2019

The One Ride is an annual event unique to Royal Enfield. Rides are organised across the globe at select Royal Enfield dealerships to promote the biking culture and to introduce their customers to the brotherhood of biking. At 6 am the following day, while the rest of the city was still waking up, more then 100000 bikers and their trusty steeds gathered outside Royal Enfield Showrooms in different Cities. Many individual riders of which there were a good number of new ones. I was handed the key of a black, fuel-injected Himalayan with which I blended into the procession of Royal Enfield motorcycles; the air around us reverberating with the iconic thump. The first part of the ride involved escaping the urban jungle, and riding in formation can get a bit taxing. Nevertheless, the riders stood by their code and diligently tailed their fellow bikers without fuss; occasionally greeting courteous motorists and pedestrians with a thumbs up.


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